Digging Deep Into The Specifications Of Mercedes Benz G Glass – Know All About It!

Previously, pickup trucks were used by private car owners and families for commercial purposes, but they were not as popular. However, time changed and definitely people’s choices changed.

The launch of Mercedes G Class changed the perspective of people and they started to think about stylish transportation for business purpose too! It is basically full size luxury SUV having four wheel drives. While it was develop as military vehicle initially, it was then offered as vehicle to civilians in the year 1979. It is produced to combat all the challenges. In fact, every surface of it best reflects its confidence and capability on land. The following guide will help you understand this line-up with a technical perspective!


G-class is equipped with a 5.5 litre engine and having displacement of around 5,461 cc. Maximum power that is produced by the engine is 382 bhp combined with highest torque of around 391 lb-ft. It makes it much more powerful SUV.

Safety features

Well, it is possible to be safe even when your surrounding isn’t! How? With a Mercedes Benz G class having blind spot assist that never fails to remind you how safe you are. Plus, the rear view camera supports your parking as well as eases your drive. Heated front windshield supports you even during foggy weather. Tyre pressure monitor system will always keep you updated on your tyres’ condition. The life saver equipment is offered in front as well as rear just in case of any accident.



The cabin of this car features top quality and well built materials. The seats are supportive, wide, and assure great comfort. Moreover, the command system is also much easier to operate that makes driving easier for masses. It also has commendable cargo capacity. It can seat 5people comfortably. Some of the features even include leather upholstery having ventilated and heated front seats along with steering wheel which is power adjustable.


This G-class meets all your performance expectations and it is robust with ladder kind of frame that is made up of steel sheet. It makes it good for the off-road use. The overall structure allows best handling even in difficult and rockiest terrains. It keeps your cargo secure all the time.

The reviewers of G-class have named it “King of highway” and that must be for a reason, right? So, this one is ideal for small commercial purposes!

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