What Should You Inspect When Choosing A Used Car?

Buying a used car requires you to perform a careful inspection beforehand. This is going to allow you to weigh up the pros and cons of each vehicle. BMW cars are known for being highly-reliable, even when they are being sold as second hand.

What should you inspect when you are choosing a used car?

The Wheels

You need to inspect the wheels of the car. The nuts on the wheels should have been tightened appropriately and the tyres should have been replaced by the dealership. This is going to improve your safety and will allow you to drive properly. Cornering is going to be easy after you buy a used BMW in Wakefield when the wheels are in top condition. The wheels can be inspected before you go out on a test drive. You can check the quality of the wheels when you are driving the car.

The Roof

You need to inspect the roof of the car because this going to keep the elements at bay, as well as any falling objects. The roof on the used car should be free of any scratches or dents. You will know that the second-hand car has been taken care of when the roof is free of any damage. The roof can be inspected before you go for a test drive. This is one area of inspection that some people will neglect unnecessarily.

The Dashboard

The dashboard of the car should be working perfectly. This is going to show you how fast you are going and how much fuel you have in the car. The dashboard can be checked whilst you are on a test drive.

The Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important components of any car, so they need to be tested thoroughly when you go for a drive. You can tell when the brakes are working perfectly.

The Lights

All of the lights on the car need to be working perfectly. This should be everything from the interior lights to the headlights that you have on the front of your car. They will keep you safe and they will show you where to go when you are driving at night-time.

The Horn

You can test the horn of the used car before you take it for a test drive. This horn should be loud and clear so that other motorists are going to be able to use it.

The Wing Mirrors

The wing mirrors are going to allow you to avoid collisions whilst you are driving. These should be in perfect condition on the used vehicle. They are going to give you a clear view and you will be able to adjust them with consummate ease.


There are several aspects of a used car that you will need to inspect before you make the final decision. You need to be thorough and don’t neglect any aspect of the inspection stage. You will drive the used car for many years to come.


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